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Concurrent Enrollment - FAQs


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Why should I take college classes?

Almost every student will need a college education, after completing high school. Here are 5 reasons to take Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes - 1) You will be more likely to complete a college degree; 2) at $5 per credit hour -- this is a tuition cost you cannot pass up; 3) Save time -- you will spend less time in college and more time in your career; 4) Save money -- again $5 per credit hour while in high school vs several hundred dollars on the college campus; and 5) test the waters -- CE is a great chance to 'try college out' or 'get a jumpstart on your college education'. (SLCC)

What are the basic guidelines for transferring my CE credits transfer from SLCC to another public institution in Utah?

Credits earned through the concurrent enrollment program are transferable from one USHE institution to another. However, the way in which credits transfer—as equivalent or elective credit—may vary from one college or university to another. Therefore, transferability should be considered when selecting CE courses. It is always smart to seek advice on transferability of credit from a college academic adviser at the institution you plan to attend after high school graduation. (USHE)

How do I find more information to begin the process of signing up for a CE course?

See your CTE Coordinator at your school.  During this meeting the CTE Coordinator will talk with you about your options depending on the school grade you will be in beginning in August.  The CTE Coordinator will talk with you about the scholarship options available to you.  If you are interested in taking a Math Class, the CTE Coordinator will discuss your Math Class options. 


Here are your “go-to people” for more information on Current Enrollment

East High CTE Coordinator- Ms. Anne Martin – Career Center 2012 –

Highland High CTE Coordinator-Mrs. Emily Grass – Counseling Center E100D –

West High CTE Coordinator - Mrs. Connie Wyckoff – Room 318 –