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Concurrent Enrollment

SLCSD Concurrent Enrollment


  • Earn college credit while in high school
  • Take college classes on a high school campus
  • Make significant progress towards your General Education Certificate
  • Make significant progress towards your Associates Degree
  • Take advantage of the significantly reduced tuition of $5 per credit


What is Concurrent Enrollment in the SLCSD?

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) in the Salt Lake City School District is a program that provides our high school students the opportunity to get a head start on their college education. SLCSD partners with the Salt Lake Community College to deliver a college experience that prepares high school students with the skills and courses they need to navigate the challenges of high education and complete a meaningful degree or certificate. (SLCC)




"Offering students attending school in the Salt Lake City School District an option to get an early start on college is an opportunity that will pay dividends for years to come. I encourage all students and their families to take a serious look at this outstanding choice and choose wisely. We offer something to satisfy every students' interests. Your future starts here, and we would love to help plan for it."

Superintendent of the Salt Lake City School District
Dr. Timothy Gadson, III