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School Safety and Emergency Alerts

school hallway with #SLCSDalerts in text

School safety is a topic we wish we didn’t have to address, but it has become more crucial than ever for our schools and our students to be prepared for any emergency. Please know that the responsibility to keep your students safe while they are in our care is our highest priority.

Doorbell with camera

The best way to be prepared for any emergency is prevention. To that end, the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) has implemented changes to boost our school safety efforts. You've likely noticed that our elementary and middle schools have been equipped with doorbells and video cameras. These systems limit public access to our schools. Parents are always welcome, but at elementary and middle schools, all visitors (including parents) must be buzzed in via the doorbell/camera. At our high schools, we are making every effort to keep as many exterior doors locked as possible.

Every year, we train all school staff and faculty on our district emergency protocols. We’ve spent the last two years updating our protocols to make sure every person who works in our schools is ready for an emergency. During the training, staff members walk through procedures for various emergency scenarios. Having staff members familiar with these protocols is crucial to making sure our students know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Screenshot of activity log

We’re also using a mobile app called DIR-S that allows school administrators and staff to communicate with each other, with district leaders, and with law enforcement during an emergency. Sharing crucial details through DIR-S saves time, which has the potential to save lives.

This year, we’ll be using a new hashtag, #SLCSDalerts, to share emergency updates on Twitter and Facebook. For parents who do not use social media, you can view all #SLCSDalerts Twitter updates on this webpage. Please bookmark this site. During an emergency, a school’s phone lines may not be working, but we will use this webpage and hashtag to share updates in real-time.

No system is 100% foolproof, but we are doing everything in our power to keep students safe. Below, under Resources, you’ll find information in multiple languages about the emergency protocols we use in our schools. It’s important for you to be as familiar with these procedures as your students are.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to keep our schools and students safe.